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Why Are the Rooms in My House Different Temperatures?

It’s the cause of many arguments between roommates: One person is too hot in their room and wants to turn the Air Conditioner on, while the person is too cold and wants to leave it off. No ones is right or wrong, but the solution is more complex than just turning the AC on or off. Here are some of the causes of the discomfort inside your home:

Natural Causes

Some things can’t be helped, like what of day the sun shines directly into your room. The room facing the sun at a particular part of day will be naturally warmer than the others. This means that an AC set to a particular temperature in a home won’t cool the room facing the sun as much as the others because the AC is gaging the temperature of the home as a whole, not that room individually.

A Single Thermostat Can’t Measure a Whole House

A single thermostat doesn’t take into account all of the variables that affect a multi-level home. For starters, as cool air is introduced to a home, the heat inside rises to the top floor. If the home has one AC on the ground floor then it will only take into account the temperature of the ground floor and assume it’s the same up top.

You should also take into account that the room closest to the AC system will always warm or cool faster than the others. From that point on, air travels through the vents into different areas of the house, potentially running into another issue.

Something in Your Vents

Air traveling through a vent can run into a number of different problems if the ductwork isn’t in good shape. The vent leading to one room may have leak causing that room to get little to no air while the others do.

An AC Company Will Diagnose The Issue

If multiple rooms in your home are different temperatures and you’re not sure why, the Palm Beach County AC technicians at Phoenix Air will diagnose the issue. We will make any needed changes to fix your vents so air can efficiently travel through all rooms in your home.

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