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Ventilation Tips For a Greener Home

When it comes to energy efficiency, the ventilation in our homes is probably not one of the first things we think about. However, because having improper ventilation means your heating and cooling system has to work harder to keep your home comfortable, it can be a huge energy waste!

To maximize your home’s ventilation in Palm Beach County while minimizing your carbon footprint, try these simple tips:

Open Windows Strategically

It is important to ventilate the rooms in your home to allow built-up moisture to escape. Generally, the colder it is outside, the more you should open your windows. However, it is important to do this strategically so you don’t lose too much warm air. Open windows frequently for short amounts of time instead of leaving them agape all day long.

The most efficient way to open windows is through cross ventilation, where windows on opposite facing walls are opened at the same time.

Minimize Uncontrolled Ventilation

While allowing air to naturally flow in and out of your home may sound like the most green ventilation method of all, it can actually waste a lot energy. While a home that is too airtight can lead to poor indoor air quality, an abundance of cracks and crevices causes air leakage. When air escapes through cracks in your house, your HVAC has to use more energy to replace it.

To reduce uncontrolled ventilation, seal the cracks and crevices in your homes foundation with caulk or foam.

Install Whole-House Ventilation

Exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms are a good way to ventilate specific areas in your home, but the best way to combat airborne pollutants and built-up moisture is through whole-house ventilation. Instead of treating only certain rooms, whole-house ventilation provides uniform ventilation throughout your entire home. Not only is this method the most efficient when it comes to improving indoor air quality, but also in terms of saving energy.

At Phoenix Air, we know proper ventilation in your home is vital to keeping you and your family healthy and comfortable. Whether you’re interested in having a new Palm Beach County HVAC system installed in your home or you’re looking for additional ventilation options, our experienced green-minded technicians are here to help.

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