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Planning a Summer Trip? Make Sure Your AC Unit is Ready

With summer quickly approaching, you may be starting to look forward to a nice, relaxing vacation. If you’re planning on being gone for a while, there will be quite a few things to do around the house before leaving and getting your air conditioner ready should be one of them. Learn how to prepare you air conditioner for your summer away, here:

Should I Turn My AC Off Before My Vacation?

Even if you’re going to be gone for several weeks or months, it’s best to leave your Air Conditioner running. If you allow the air in your home to sit stagnant for an extended amount time, your home will not only become hot, but also humid. While you and your family may be headed towards a more moderate climate, your home is still going to have to endure the hot Florida summer. Here’s why you should keep you Palm Beach County AC unit running:

  • The heat could damage your home – Too much heat and humidity in your home could result in mold, paint peeling, warped furniture, harm to sensitive electronics, stress to your freezer and refrigerator and other damage. Plus, you’ll almost certainly come home to an unwelcoming musty smell.
  • Your energy bill will be lower – It will probably also cost you less to keep your AC on while you’re gone than it would to cool down your home after letting it heat up. Leaving the air conditioner set to a moderate temperature while you’re gone will take less energy than trying to cool your home by 20 or so degrees upon your return.

AC Vacation Checklist

Now that you know that you’re going to be keeping your air conditioner running while you’re gone, here are few ways to get it ready.

  • Set the temperature: Keep in mind that you won't need to keep your home quite as cool as you would if you were in it. While you may normally keep your indoor temperature at around 72 degrees, it's fine to bump the thermostat up to between 80 and 83 degrees while you're away.
  • Install a programmable thermostat: A programmable thermostat can help you set different temperatures for different times of the day. Some will even allow you control your thermostat from your computer or phone! That means you can start cooling down your house on your way home from vacation.
  • Change the filter: It’s recommended to change your air filter once a month, so be sure to change it before you leave. A dirty filter will make your AC run with less efficiency, driving up energy bill costs and leaving you with poorer air quality.
  • Have an AC checkup: A broken AC is probably not what you want in a welcome home gift. Have a professional inspect and clean your AC before you leave in order to prevent issues from occurring.

At Phoenix Air, our professional technicians will make sure your air conditioner is ready to run all summer long, so you don’t have to worry about it while you’re trying to relax on vacation.

Whether you’re looking to add convenience with a programmable thermostat or just need simple checkup, give us a call today!